by Adam Lincoln Pete Hurley, from Blackburn, has ticked the three hardest routes in Lancashire, and all in the last few weeks. Ascents include:Toxic Billberries E8 7a – 2nd ascentGigantic E8 6b – 4th ascent Vortex E8 6c – 3rd ascentHe has also ticked all but one of the remaining E7´s in Lancs, which totals six in all. These, along with a few other E8´s (End Of The Affair and Hearbeat City) and a handful of E7 onsights and flashes with the odd quick headpoint of the harder ones(Braille Trail, My Halo) makes for quite an impressive couple of months. (All the E8s were headpoints, ie practised first and then led.)

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150 Jahre DAV: Erste Infos zum Jubiläumsjahr 2019 (c) Deutscher Alpenverein

Im kommenden Jahr feiert der Deutsche Alpenverein seinen 150. Geburtstag. Die Bandbreite der Themen und Termine ist riesig.