RESULTS: Scottish University Bouldering Comp

On the 25th April, 40 students made their way to the EICA at Ratho for the Scottish University Sports Bouldering Competition. As this was the first time the competition has happened in at least 3 years, the competitors were enthusiastic despite the standard hungover feeling of a Saturday morning…Students representing the majority of the Universities across Scotland competed in both the Hard and Easy Leagues. As the Glasgow University Mountaineering Club were hosts this year they unsurprisingly dominated the turnout; despite a near disastrous flat tyre on the minibus! The Aberdeen team, however, dominated the scoreboard by winning all three Gold medals in the Hard League. Hopefully this made their long journey down to Ratho worthwhile.So without further ado, here are the results for both rounds:EASY Team1ST GLASGOW 1 2nd GLASGOW 2 3rd St ANDREWS 1EASY Male1st RGU 1 Stuart Gillan1st GLASGOW 1 Andy Wilkinson3rd GLASGOW 1 Jamie NicholsonEASY Female1st GLASGOW 2 Hannah Gibbs2nd ST ANDREWS 1 Laura Young3rd ST ANDREWS 1 Anne Lloyd EvansHARD TEAM1st ABERDEEN 12nd GLASGOW 13rd GLASGOW 2HARD Male1st ABERDEEN 1 Piotr Wisthal2nd GLASGOW 1 David Brigham3rd GLASGOW 3 Mark McPheeHARD Female1st ABERDEEN 1 Anna Wells2nd GLASGOW (individual) Emily Ward3rd EDINBURGH (individual) Helen BaileyGreatly appreciated prizes were donated by Wild Country and Troll! Thanks also goes to the staff at EICA Ratho who were extremely accommodating and provided an excellent venue for the revival of this Competition. Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen