100,000 Routes in UKC Logbook – Franco Cookson

by Alan James The incredibly successful UKC Logbooks system has now got 100,000 routes recorded in its database. The 100,000th addition was Bummelzug Direct at Ravenswick Quarry added by prolific UKC user Franco Cookson on 10 November.The system was started three years ago in November 2005 with just 27,000 routes in the system and since then UKC users have added an amazing 73,000 routes. Although www.thecrag.com has more routes in its database it has significantly fewer logged ascents and UKC Logbooks is without doubt the World´s fastest growing climb logging system with currently over 650,000 logged ascents from 5800 users. In August we added some major improvements to the system including some great benefits for the Crag moderators. This resulted in an amazing 707 crag updates in the month of September – the average before the upgrade was around 50 a month. We have also just added some more new features like Buttress Dividers, which make navigating buttresses at crags a bit easier (example). UKClimbing.com Logbooks couldn´t work without the efforts of the crag moderators and users and we are very grateful for all your input. If you wish to moderate a crag then there is a list of unmoderated crags here (big page). A big thanks to Franco and all the UKC users who have added these routes and make UKC the success that it is.