2008 Cities Cup – Urban Orienteering

2007 was the inaugural year of the UK Cities Cup Urban Orienteering and by all accounts it has been a storming success with the Nopesport organisers having just confirmed that there will be a 2008 series:

We were very pleased at how the 1st series went and the success is in no small part to your good selves, be you competitors, organisers, planners, marshals or sponsors. Buoyed by this we have been busy working away in the dungeons of Nopesport HQ to put together plans for a 2008 series. For 2008, the series will take a slightly different shape but the essence of what made the series such a hit will remain which is ? top class, high quality exciting urban racing in some of the best urban venues the UK has to offer! Series Format Changes: In 2008 the series will consist of 3 races, which will be staged from October to November, visiting the length of the country. All the races will be completely new to the orienteering calendar as competitors battle it out to see who can wrestle the title off Murray Strain & Helen Palmer and be crowned the new UK Cities Cup champion. The series races will be staged in the autumn months giving plenty of time to prepare and get your entries in. So here is plenty of warning to clear your diaries:Race 1 ? London 11th October* exclusive new map!! Race 2 ? Edinburgh 8th November* Race 3 ? Sheffield 22nd November* *All race dates are provisional All these races will be middle distance style except for the final race (see later). Although the series is half the size with only 3 races, there is more than double on offer with each race being part of weekend of entertainment by combining them with other events in the local area. We?ve even tried to plan them (where possible) so you can access them both using public transport so you can leave your car behind! More Inclusive Series: By popular demand we will be adding classes to the series other than the established elites. We will be including Mens/Womens 18-, Vet (40+) & Super Vet (55+) classes at all the races and, by using the same scoring as for the elite class, everyone can get involved! Constructors Championship: Continuing the theme of the Formula 1 Grand Prix we will be introducing a ?Constructors? Championship where you will be running for your club! The top placing club mates from each class will gain ?constructors? points, the most points over the series wins?No sharing of technical data allowed! Entry Discounts: All race entries for 2008 will be through our friends at www.oentries.com with discounts on offer if you enter all the races in one go! Entries will not be live for some time but it?s worth keeping an eye out! Series Final & Party: For the last race we plan to keep you guessing by changing the format of the race. Plans will be unveiled nearer the time but lets just say the more events you go to the better your starting grid position will be! Keeping with the F1 Grand Prix style, it?ll be off to a glitzy party to dance the night away?mind the paparazzi though! Along with these improvements, the same top class urban venues, course planning and organising, lots of razzmatazz and some of the biggest prizes UK Orienteering has to offer, all of which you have come to expect from The UK Cities Cup, will all continue from 2007 into the 2008 series. Well I think that is enough to get your teeth into for now?more information and details will be released as soon as they have been confirmed and there is only one place to find out: citiescup.nopesport.com MORE NEW STUFF: All the UK Cities Cup races will be included in a new league ? The Nopesport Urban League. Details of that coming soon too?! Source: Nopesport