8b+ and 8b by by Nina Caprez

Nina Caprez left the long routes apart for a time after bagging Hotel Supramonte and spent some time in Céüse, where tried the same routes than Arnaud Petit, having really good conditions (“it was hyper cold and there was the pure friction”), succeding with Le chirurgien du crepuscule, 8b and The Black Bean, 8b+ (“4 tries…definitely my climbing style. Voilà. number 2, hihi….”)Nina is #3 in the 8a ranking game and in her blog you can find what she thinks are the keys for being successfull in climbing: “it is the people around me. I was with an incredible group, people I admire a lot and, above all, people who don´t beat themselves up about anything and with whom I laugh all the time”In the same days, her boyfriend, Cedric Lachat, was able to fire-off an old project of him, Ba, ba, black sheep, 8c+ and La parte de diable, 8c+.