8B+ by Ekaitz Maiz

It makes some weeks we reported Ekaitz Maiz´s first 9a with Sistematik Ihes and now, we return with his renewed tick list.Thus, he got his first 8b OS with Karma in Lezaia; then, and in the same area, he bolted and sent Ardi Beltza, 8c. After that, he moved to Etxauri, where he fired-off Pistolaren Mintzoa, solid 8c+.After failing on his other proyects in Etxauri plus the firsts snowfalls, he was obligued to go at lower altitude, so he decided to keep on trying his three-years-lasting and 20 movements on slopers boulder-route proyect in Aizpún for, being lucky this time, sending which is called Harribizi Harribitxi and graded it 8B+. He defines it in desnivel as follows: “It´s a very technical problem which demands a lot of power endurance, a style I´m good at. You depend a lot on the conditions, it must be cold but not humid”. //ISPhoto: Haitz Pagogaraialdeagaskoa.