8c OS by Hirayama world record

kairn.com forward news from Yuji “Yestarday 5th October, I did White Zombi, 8c, onsight in Baltzola! It was very hard to wait for good conditions. I waited three days. Finally I did my biggest goal in this year and I am very happy to make new record of onsighting. I climb one more day in Spain and tommorrow I will move to France. I will try more like 9a´s and other onsights. Anyway I am very happy and I will keep trying more challanges to come.” White Zombie is an established 8c with several repeats by strong climbers who know what they´re talking about. Back in 1999 Yuji stunned the world with his onsight of Mortal Kombat at Castillion (8c at the time, downgraded to 8b+). This was also a new world record. Yuji has also put up Flatmountain, 9a+ in Japan. In the All Time High ranking Yuji is #3 and in combination with his outstanding competition record (WC vinner 98 & 00) he is a strong contendor for beeing the #1 climber ever!