A5 BBC Round Two Full Results

Gareth Parry on the move that won him the round, and assured him of the Championship Photo courtesy of Adam Lincoln. “and then as if my magic, it started snowing…” The second reound of the A5 BBCtook place on Sunday in Preston. Unfortunately reigning champion Malcolm Smith pulled out through injury. Gaz Parry had narrowly won the first round ahead of Malcolm who made a couple of unforced errors whilst cruising through the final problems. So with the best two scores from three rounds counting, Gaz was in a strong position from which to clinch the title. It wasn´t plain sailing though, as Andy Earl matched him through the qualifiers with maximum points, but Gaz showed his competition pedigree to pull through and take the title. The women´s event is wide open still, as Rachel Seymour, Lucinda Hughes and last year´s champion Alison Martindale all lie within striking distance. The third and final round takes place at the Foundry on December 14th.Full Results:

1GarethParry 2 AndyEarl 3 Nic Sellars 4 MarkCroxall 5 Jamie Cassidy 6 MartinSmith 7 Roy Mosley 8 Miles Gibson 9 GaryVincent 10Roddy MacKenzie 10NickClement 12Tom Sugden 12RyanPasquil 14EdRobinson 15AndyHarris 16PhilipStubbins 17NeilTravers 18AdamLincoln 19Peter Hurley 20JustinPlumtree 20StuartLittlefair 22Chris Graham 23RupertDavies 24PaulRobins 25JackRowlands 26Simon Hudson 27David Barrans 28AdamMulholland 29Ian Hollows 30JohnBrown 31MattCox 32RossHenighen 33JoelMillward 33SeanGelder 35Simon Ainsclough 36DrewHarrison 37SamuelDavenhall 38MikeNeedham 1 RachelSeymour 2 AlisonMartindale 3 Lucinda Hughes 4 EmmaTwyford 5 Rosie Shaw 6 AnneArran 7 Siobhan Coughlan 8 Abigail May 9 LucyAtkinson 9 Katherine Mills 11CecileRittweger 12JoannaGoorney 13April Marr 14Vicky Hurley 15KateSwain