Accident Report Articles – A REQUEST

by Mick Ryan – We received a lot of positive feedback from Mike ´Twid´ Turner´s article ACCIDENT REPORT: Please don´t tell my Mum Mike was witness to this incident and helped out, wrote a report about it including his assessment of what was done wrong and tips on how avoid a similar episode. This is a request to anyone who has been involved in a climbing accident or was witness to one to write a similar report; What happened? What went wrong and tips on how such an accident could have been avoided? We are particularly interested in hearing from mountain professionals, guides, instructors, mountain rescue teams, but not solely. We would also like to hear from people actually involved in an accident or epic and their thoughts on what went wrong and how the incident could have been avoided. Accident reports and analysis can increase our knowledge of climbing skills and situations, and help us increase are self-reliance and safety on the crags and mountains. You can submit your report