Accident Reporting on UKC – 2 Editorials

by Jack Geldard – Editor – UKC Recently at UKC we have requested accident reports.This is a new step for climbing in the UK and it is still in initial stages.A recent accident report that was posted by a forum user has caused a great deal of debate and we are looking carefully at our policy and how we can deal with this important information in an ethical and responsible manner. Two of our regular users, Simon Lee and Mark Stevenson have been kind enough to provide us with editorials outlining their experience and beliefs in this field.They have generally opposing views and both bring up important and relevant points. We at UKC are currently working with the BMC, discussing if, how, and when accidents should be recorded and reported.We hope these editorials add something to those discussions and we are committed to helping promote safety in climbing where it is relevant and useful.When the BMC finalise their policy we will publish the details. Read Simon Lee´s Editorial HERE Read Mark Stevenson´s Editorial: HERE