Alex Johnson does the Mandala, 8A+

Alex Johnson on The Mandala, 8A+UKC News, Jan 2011© Wills YoungAlex Johnson has become the second woman (as far as I know), after Lisa Rands, to repeat Bishop's own über classic The Mandala.The problem has a long story of beta changes and broken holds but at the moment the grade seems to have settled at Font 8A+ for the standing start and Font 8B/+ for the sit down.Bishop is bound to be heating up quite significantly very soon, as a bunch of strong Euros, headed by Kilian Fischhuber, Anna Stöhr, Nalle Hukkataival and Guillaume Glairon Mondet, will be arriving shortly.Alex Johnson is sponsored by Mammut and Five TenSource: Bishop bouldering

The American climber Alex Johnson and Johnny Dawes with the new Bishop Bouldering guidebookUKC Gear© Mick Ryan

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