Andy Hyslop Leaves

A personal message from Alan James: “After 13 years involved with, Andy Hyslop is moving on to concentrate on his other business interests (and free up a bit of spare time!) Andy was instrumental in starting in the early days of the internet 1995. His vision at this time was to develop a climbing and mountaineering based news and information site which was free to use. This solid early strategy is one of the main things that has marked out UKC from many other similar ventures and the site you see today has grown slowly and organically from these early beginnings. After linking up with myself and the Rockfax forums in 2001, became a limited company. Andy´s pragmatic business sense helped the company to easily navigate the bubble and emerge as one of the World´s busiest and best climbing and mountaineering web sites. On behalf of all at I would like to thank Andy for all he has done over the last 13 years and wish him the best in the future. Andy´s departure leaves Limited in the sole control of myself (in a business sense) but with the same strong team behind me of Mick Ryan (Advertising Manager), Jack Geldard (Editor), Nick Smith (Technical Manager) and also Charles Arthur, Jonathan Lagoe and Tom Briggs, who all help on other parts of the site. At this point I don´t anticipate any changes in the direction for the company and hopefully we can continue to develop with the same blend of user-features mixed with the essential commercial developments to fund the site.”