Another Donegal Sea Monster Vanquished

Iain about to 'leap into the rage' whist getting off the Lighthouse StackUKC News, Oct 2010© Iain Miller

An Bhuideal North TowerUKC News, Oct 2010© Iain MillerIain Miller has been at it again. Oh dear. Will someone lock him up for his own safety!Miller, who has been pioneering new routes up the sea stacks of Donegal, Ireland, has ticked the last unclimbed stack in the An Port area.Miller teamed up with visiting North Wales resident Adam Wainwright to climb Hidden Stack via an amenable 3 pitch VDiff.The route description is as follows:Grid Reference G556907.HiddenStack sits in the channel separating “Tormore Island” and “Cobblers Tower.” Access isby a superb paddle from the storm beach as for “Cnoc na Mara.” This route climbs theSouthern Ridge, the first feature on the stack you see as you paddle up the channel towardsit.Pitch 1. 15m From thenon tidal platform at the base of the South end, climb the up the left side of the South facingridge to a large ledge.Pitch 2. 15m Continueup the ridge to a lonely huge Basalt boulder.Pitch 3. 12m Scramblealong the summit ridge. Abseil descent down the seaward face from the Basalt boulder.The sea around “Hidden Stack” are very tetchy indeed and require due nautical care.Iain Miller produced a brief guide to the sea stacks in the area back in May 2009 that UKC published here: The Sea Monsters of Donegal – A Brief GuideIain has now sent an updated version of his guide: UPDATED: Donegal Sea Stacks 2010

The Lighthouse Stack on AranmoreUKC News, Oct 2010© Iain Miller

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