Another slew of hard FA´s by Berni

So, quiz time! Which area in the world has the most hard problems, if we by “hard” mean 8B and up?Font? Hueco? RMNP? Ticino?Well, ok, if your answer was Ticino, you were right, but the Saalachtal in Austria, the place Bernhard Schwaiger calls home, is right up there with 41 problems. Most of the problems here can be described as short, steep and powerful. This spring, Berni added 7 new problems to the list. The hardest of them Fair weather friend, 8B+, is actually the stand start to Berni´s Pro-project. Considering the crux is the first 5 moves leading up to the stand start, this sounds like, and I know I´m speculating wildly here, a possible contender for the first 9A. If it goes, that is. 8C? + 8B+… you do the math.Full info here.Photo: Berni in Fair weather friend, Christina Dalla-Bona