Arco Rock Legends: The Climbing Oscars at Arco

Lynn HillThe first edition of the ARCO ROCK LEGENDS will be held in the Italian town of Arco, Trentino on Friday 1 September on the eve of the XX Rock Master. This is composed of the SALEWA ROCK AWARD and the LA SPORTIVA COMPETITION AWARD for the best climber outdoors and the best competition climber, chosen by a select international jury comprised of some of the most important climbing magazines worldwide.

The XX Rock Master in Arco holds a great novelty in store. A novelty concentrated entirely on rock climbing which involves the strongest climbers in the world gathering in Arco, the small Italian town close to Lake Garda, on Friday 1 September.

A special evening awards ceremony will celebrate the first ever ARCO ROCK LEGENDS – a new and completely unique international event during which the SALEWA ROCK AWARD will be presented to the climber who has distinguished him/herself most at the crag (ie on rock), both for the results obtained, the style and how he/she has influenced the sports climbing movement. But this isn't all: to reconfirm Arco's position as the crucible of modern sports climbing, both outdoors and in competitions indoors, the LA SPORTIVA COMPETITION AWARD will be assigned to be best athlete of the 2004/2005 competition season.

The special ceremony will be a true and proper event promoted by the Arco Rock Legends Association, in collaboration with the Arco Town Council, the Autonomous Province of Trento, the Rock Master Association and the companies La Sportiva and Salewa. Giuseppe Filippi, president of the newly formed association explains the aims as “promoting sports climbing by rewarding and presenting to the public those main players who have played an influential role in the development of this beautiful sport which has always been one of the symbols of Arco.”

It really can be said: this will be the sports climbing equivalent of the Oscars. Even the more so if one considers that the Jury is comprised of some of the most important climbing magazines in the world. This exceptional and unheard of pool of 14 different magazines represents the very best which the vertical press can offer. Starting with the American Climbing magazine, and moving on to the new European magazine Vertical, including Italian Pareti, Alp and Alp Wall, German Klettern, Korean Climber, Spanish Desnivel, Polish Gory, French Grimpeur, Dutch Limits, Montana from the Czech Republic and, last but not least, the historical Italian Rivista del CAI and Lo Scarpone.

The international Jury has just finished the first round of nominations to elect the five candidates for the SALEWA ROCK AWARD and the three athletes for the LA SPORTIVA COMPETITION AWARD. Just like in the real cinema Oscars, all candidates will be present at Arco for the international Jury verdict which will decide the winners. This will happen on Friday 1 September during a gala evening celebration on the eve of the XX Rock Master. As if to say that at Arco, the world's climbing capital, there will be three splendid days of true spectacle, naturally well beyond the vertical!


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QuelleText: Vinicio Stefanello,, Foto: Giulio Malfer