Are you good enough for the SAS, asks BBC?

If you fancy your chances of getting selected for the SAS, then the BBC is looking for 30 people to take part in a six-part series recreating the really very gruelling test indeed. “At the moment we are looking for contestants of both sexes from all over the country,” says the Beeb. “Obviously, they would need to be extremely fit and committed to complete the course which will include mental tests during the race, river crossings, navigation, survival skills, an escape and evasion exercise, interrogation, abseiling, climbing, running about with weapons, counter-terrorism, as well as endurance tests.” “The course is designed so that only one person will complete it and win the prize (as yet unconfirmed). It will take place over two weeks in May.” Rockovers and foot swaps on tiny edges are thus likely not to feature in the tests, though abseiling at speed down cliffs that you might fancy climbing up one day and mantleshelves (as good places on which to leave stun grenades) might. If you´re interested, then call the BBC on 020 8752 5977, or email for an application form before February 15.