Attempted rescue on Latok II sadly abandoned

Baltoro Glacier from the air – KarakorumUKC News© WikipediaA dramatic, multi-national attempt to save the accomplished Spanish alpinist, Oscar Perez, who lay injured high on a difficult peak in the Pakistan Karakoram, has sadly been abandoned.On the 6th August, on a quasi-horizontal section of ridge not far above the third bivouac, Perez took a big fall down the right (west) flank, breaking both a wrist and leg.Getting the injured climber back along the ridge would be impossible, so Novellon lowered him down the west face until the pair reached a ledge at c6,200m.Details now become unclear, but Novellon, in what must have been a remarkable effort, managed to climb out of this situation, presumably cross the ridge and return to base camp to sound the alarm….Read the full report by Lindsay Griffin on the BMC Website Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen