Attention All Lake District Climbers

by Mick Ryan Gimmer Crag Lakeland climbers and the BMC are having an open meeting at the Golden Rule, Ambleside next Wednesday 3rd October at 7.30pm. All are invited and welcome to attend. The purpose? To kick start local climbing community action and activism. Much work needs to be done in the Lake District and the cake-loving BMC Volunteers´ Officer, Martin Kocsis will be there to facilitate, motivate, inspire, cajole and bribe (with a free buffet) climbers into action. Over the last couple of years North Wales has experienced lots of community energy and activity that includes climbing days for kids, forums about lower offs on mountain crags, crag clean ups, festivals, social evenings, rebolting, and innovative guidebooks. Martin is on a quest to replicate this in all climbing regions in the UK. Topics for next Wednesday´s Ambleside meeting include: Bolts Lower Offs FRCC guidebook progress Overgrown crags and clean ups Access restrictions Bolt fund support Eden Valley development St Bees bolts and bouldering Anything else you want to talk about It is your chance to voice your opinion, do stuff and make a difference. After the shouting has died down, a well known mystery guest will give the assembled a little slide show of something exciting. Martin tells us that, “Dave Turnbull, BMC supremo will be there, as will Dan Middleton who dishes out bolts and Cath Flitcroft who is the ´acceptable face´ of the BMC – that is,no beard.” ( Source: BMC )