Awesomely Stockport – Open This Saturday

by Mick Ryan I got off a plane last Wednesday morning, picked up the car and started chugging down the M60 to the M67 and the Snake Pass. Remembering to drive on the left just passed Stockport I looked right and saw the distinctive pear atop of the Pear New Mill. Why not? Let´s see how Dave Douglas and his new Awesome Wall are getting on. Exited at junction 27 onto Carrington Road to Stockport Road West and swung a right into Pear Mill(click for map). Husky construction types were busy completing the ´mezzanine´ at the entrance and beyond that the walls. The huge free-standing central fin was up (photo), surrounded by the main wall, all quickdraws and bolt-ons were in place. I do like the smell of curing resin in the morning but it was the big-big-tall-tall wall I wanted a look at.Up the short steps and Wow! I think you might need to pack a portaledge up this El Cap of Lower Bredbury.You are going to need some stamina to get up this monster that tops out at 24 metres (photo), either that or you will get it. My bleary sleep-deprived eyes could only just see the anchors. The bolts are close together, so no need for a clip stick and lots of holds. I wondered round to the bouldering area and there was Grumpy, Happy and Bashful, a.k.a known as Vickers, Pickles and Jeremy screwing on holds at a rapid rate to the quadrophenia-inspired paint job of angular bouldering boards (photo). Dave wasn´t there, but everything seemed on target for the grand opening this coming Saturday, 8th December at 10am. Talked to Dave this morning and he was typically upbeat and looking forward to Saturday. Hours are 10am – 6pm weekends, and 10am-10pm Monday to Friday. No membership fees, just straight admission fees of £7 for adults, £6.50 for concessions and £6 for Juniors. The first 20 people through the doors on Saturday get a free Awesome Wall T-shirt. Climbers have certainly got some choice of walls in the North-West. Before Photo: here Read our earlier report which includes some history of the Pear New Mill here