BBC Round 2 – Results

The second round of the A5 British Boulderng Championships was held in Edinburgh over the weekend. The results were as follows:

Men1 Malcolm Smith2 Andrew Earl3 Gareth Parry4 Tom Sugden5 Nic Sellars6 Miles Gibson7 Martin Smith8 RobElliott9 Gary Vincent10 Roy Mosley11 Justin Plumtree11 Ryan Pasquill13 Nick Clement14 AdrianBaxter15 Jack Rowlands16 Philip Stubbins17 Jamie Cassidy17 Peter Hurley19 JamesGarland-Taylor20 Roddy MacKenzie21 Daniel Crammond22 Stewart Watson23 Alan Cassidy24 Sam Cattell24 Samuel Davenhall26 Paul Robins27 Andy Harris28 Mark Croxall29 Chris Graham30 Niall McNair31 Stuart Campbell32 Jim Wardle33 Andy Chapman34 Ben Meeks35 Tim Carruthers36 Ross Henighen37 Stephen Crowe Junior Men 1 Ian Hollows2 AdamMulholland3 Danny Cattell4 Cal Reedie5 Toby Philp6 Conan Henderson-Dott7 Richard Sharpe8 Tom Bolger9 Trevor Nagler10 Ed Guest11 Luke Jones12 Paul Carruthers13 Ryan Pearce14 Peter Cope15 Alex McIsaac16 Michael Sweeton
Women 1 Lucinda Hughes2 Jo Gordon3 Alison Martindale4 Katherine Schirrmacher5 Rebecca Allen6 Lucy Atkinson7 Karin Magog8 Sian Oakley9 Sadie Renwick10 Jo Purslow10 Rachel Seymour12 Joanna Goorney13 April Marr14 Helen Hall15 Katie Mills16 Jacquie Godsman17 Vicky Hurley18 Mo Laurie Junior Women1 Jemma Powell2 Emma Twyford3 Rosie Shaw4 Lucy Turner5 Hazel Duff6 Katie Hill

So, the current leaders after two rounds are:Malcolm Smith, Jo Gordon, Ian Hollows and Jemma Powell. All will be decided at Birmingham next Sunday at the NEC. For those interested, Ben Moon didn´t compete because of a football injury he picked up during the week.Thanks to the BMC