Big Wall Speed Climbing Results

Mike Weeks and Tim Emmet have just finished a very credible fourth in the recent big wall speed climbing competition held in Croatia. The route, a five pitch, 160m F6c+ took them just 40 minutes and 40 seconds to complete as a pair, unfortunately nearly 15 minutes slower than the Italian / Slovenian partnership of Erik Svab – Marko Lukic who topped out in an incredible 25 minute and 24 seconds! The event took place between the 1st and 4th of May and ran for 4th consecutive year in thePaklenica National Park on the Croatian coast. Full Results: Men ? Final 1. Erik Svab – Marko Lukic (ITA/SLO) 25:24 2. Igor Corko – Andrej Grmovsek (CRO/SLO) 29:39 3. Stefan Glowacz – Jurgen Knappe (GER) 35:20 4. Tim Emmett – Mike Weeks (ENG) 40:40 5. Boris Cujic – Ivica Matkovic (CRO) 44:43 Route: BWSC (6c+, 160m, 5 pitches) Women ? Final 1. Suncica Hrascanec – Maja Roboz (CRO) 10:12 2. Alenka Lukic – Tanja Grmovsek (SLO) 10:49 3. Iris Prebeg – Katja Bajc (CRO/SLO) 18:25 4. Gaelle Fohr – Cordula Knappe (FRA/GER) 21:16 Route: Hugga wugga (6a, 60 m, 3 pitches)