The Snow+Rock International Masters (leading) event originally intended to have separate men´s and women´s categories, but these were later combined, and Natalia Perlova was the sole woman entrant. Brits Chris Cubitt and Steve McClure performed well against such a strong invited competition.

1. Alex Chabot FRA 2. Christian Bindhammer GER 3. Tomás Mrázek CZE 3. Andreas Bindhammer GER 5. Daniel Dulac FRA 6. Francois Legrand FRA 7. Steve McClure GBR 8. Salavat Rachmetov RUS 9. Chris Cubitt GBR 10. Alojsa Grom SLO 11. Simon Wandeler SUI 12. Juri Golob SLO 13. Natalia Perlova UKR

Above, Chris Cubitt Above, Steve McClure