Boardman Tasker Prize winner

´Fatal Mountaineer´ by Robert Roper was announced as the winner of the 2002 Boardman Tasker Prize by Dr Mikel Vause, Chairman of the judges, at the Alpine Club prize-giving on 8 November.´Fatal Mountaineer´ is described as “A riveting and somewhat critical examination of the 1976 Indian/American Nanda Devi expedition led by American mountaineering legend, Willis Unsoeld. It deals frankly with the troubled expedition, the deep philosophical issues that develop between the two stars, Will Unsoeld and John Roskelley, and with the death of Nanda Devi Unsoeld at 24,000 feet on her namesake mountain.”It is 20 years since Pete Boardman and Joe Tasker disappeared on Everest.The prize for the competition is £2,000.