Bole sends

Italian photographer Andrea Gallo reports: Mauro Bubu Bole climbed on january 31 what could surely be the hardest mixed route in the wordl.Mission Impossible is situated in Valsavaranche (valle d’Aosta, Italy) just in front of the famous “Haston Cave” but its nature is completely different from all the others hard routes Bubu has already climbed, a list that includes Empire Strikes Back M11 (Cogne, Italy) , Reptile M10 (Vail USA) and Quartiers NorsM10 (Gramusat FRANCE), the last two on sight . Mission Impossible climbs for the first 20 metres vertical mixed terrain to reach a fantastic granit roof. On this section the first meters are at 60° (over the vertical) and then the roof become quite horizontal following a very thin crack, where the placements of the tools are very technical. All the route is protected with normal piton, sometime not very safe… as usual. The route ends on a hanging icicle where the difficulty become more mental; Bubu climbed it without leashes at his second try; but despite the apparent ease he’s not claiming M11 or M12, only because, according to him, this route is much, much…harder, so he proposes a “MBubu” grade. Check out the pictures