Boulder action at Bishop

Bishop is heating up. Guillaume Glairon Mondet is getting up to speed and Nalle Hukkataival has also began to move.After four 8A's, one 8A+ and one 8B, Guigui felt it was time to deal with his trip project, Mandala sds 8B/+. It went easier than expected, just one day after doing the stand start. Now he is in need of new challanges. Next could be Evilution and while he is there, why not try its neighbour, Paul Robinson's unrepeated Lucid dreaming, 8C+. Who knows, maybe Nalle Hukkataival, who's made swift repeats of The swarm, 8B/+, and Haroun and the sea of stories, 8A/+, will join him. Don't remember who told me, but apparently he is really psyched to try it.Here's a video of Jorg Verhoeven doing Mandala:Guillaume Glairon Mondet is sponsored by Mad Rock and SnapNalle Hukkataival is sponsored by La Sportiva and Black DiamondSource: 8a Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen