Bouldering World Cup – NEC Qualifying Results

The 1st round of the Bouldering World Cup is currently taking place at the NEC in Birmingham. On Friday the men´s qualifying round took place. Andy Earl, Gaz Parry and Ryan Pasquill made the cut, all placing in the crucial top 20 for Sunday´s final. Unfortunately Mark Croxall climbed below his best to finish in 23rd – Mark won the event last year and the previous year was 4th.Katy Mills was the sole British qualifier from Saturday´s qualifying round which saw one of the Italian climbers fall badly and break her ankle.The event is proving to be extremely popular, taking place alongside the Outdoors Show which sees in excess of 50,000 people milling around an assortment of retail stands, climbing walls, diving and kayaking pools. Securing a place in the tiered seating adjacent to the boulders is like pulling teeth from an ostrich!For those unlucky enough to make it down there the competition is being streamed live on to the internet here. Note that you need to login, but there is no cost. On Saturday the service proved to be so popular that the organisers had to arrange for more bandwidth… We´ll bring you the final results as soon as get them… Men´s Qualifying Results: 1. Jérôme Meyer (FRA) 2. Kilian Fischhuber (AUT) 3. Loïc Gaidioz (FRA) 3. Cristian Core (ITA) 5. Matthias Muller (SUI) 6. Gérome Pouvreau (FRA) 7. Andre Borowka (GER) 8. Gabriele Moroni (ITA) 9. Andrew Earl (GBR) 10. Gareth Parry (GBR) 11. Stephane Julien (FRA) 12. Mathieu Dutray (FRA) 13. Ryan Pasquill (GBR) 14. Remi Samyn (FRA) 15. Alan Pryce (AUS) 16. Karsten Borowka (GER) 17. Nicolas Badia (FRA) 18. Ludovic Laurence (FRA) 18. Eduard Marin garcia (ESP) 20. Sebastien Jalmain (FRA) did not qualify: 21. Jonas Baumann (GER) 22. Guillaum Gl mondet (FRA) 22. Julien Meral (FRA) 24. Mark Croxall (GBR) 25. Daniel Dulac (FRA) 26. Tomazs Olesky (POL) 27. Tom Sugden (GBR) 28. Stewart Watson (GBR) 29. Bastien Gerland (FRA) 30. Thomas Caleyron (FRA) 31. David Barrans (GBR) 32. Martin Smith (GBR) 33. Aric Merz (GER) 34. Luca Giupponi (ITA) 35. Christian Benk (GER) 36. David Picq (FRA) 37. Marco Jubes (ESP) 38. Pierre Duroche (FRA) 39. Thorsten Neuhaus (GER) 40. José  Abreu (POR) 41. Frederico Silva (POR) 42. Roy Mosley (GBR) 43. Bjiorn Stromberg (SWE) 44. Prajak Khunrat (THA) 45. Leopoldo Faria (POR) Women´s Qualifying Results: 1. Anna Stohr (AUT) 1. Olga  Bibik (RUS) 3. Mélanie Son (FRA) 3. Emilie Abgrall (FRA) 5. Chloe´ Graftiaux (BEL) 6. Julia Abramtchouk (RUS) 7. Juliette Danion (FRA) 8. Sabine Bacher (AUT) 9. Ludovine Harmand (FRA) 10. Audrey Seguy (USA) 11. Samantha Berry (AUS) 12. Celine Combaz (FRA) 13. Anja Hodann (SWE) 13. Stella Marchisio (ITA) 15. Nina Arch (AUT) 16. Maud Ansade (FRA) 17. Barbara Bacher (AUT) 18. Christina Bedard (AUS) 19. Caroline Januel (FRA) 20. Katherine Mills (GBR) did not qualify: 21. Angelika Lind (SWE) 22. Emma Twyford (GBR) 23. Rachel Seymour (GBR) 24. Marine Cusa (FRA) 25. Helen Keen (GBR) 26. Naomi Buys (GBR) 27. Isabel Boavida (POR) 28. Ana Marisa Correia (POR) ———————————————————————– If you have any news worth reporting please contact Matt – / 0114 2969114 ———————————————————————–