Bransby Climbs Cratcliffe Prow

On any other Monday this would have been reported immediately, but it was somewhat eclipsed by the antics of Mr Pearson and Mr Cossey (a new E10 and an E9 in the dark!). Whilst the abovementioned individuals were contemplating their ascents on Sunday afternoon a certain Ben Bransby was busy at Cratcliffe dispatching another of the Peak´s Last Great Problems. The Cratcliffe Prow had been eyed by many, but tried by few. Ben had planned to try it ground up, but ended up there by himself and decided to try the top section on a rope first. Deciding it was unreasonable to go for it without more in the way of pads and / or spotters he headed off in search of an extra mat. Fortunately for him he bumped into Miles Gibson and Ben Heason, literally on his way to the car. Each had a mat and each is no stranger to the art of highball spotting. With such security below him Ben topped out, suggesting a somewhat disappointing grade of Font 7C – it had widely been assumed that it´d go at a higher grade than that. Either Ben is being modest, or this should be a lesson to any budding first ascentionists out there – try it and see… For an amusing write up of the ascent check out UKBouldering