British Army Cleans up at Comp -Almost

The annual tri-services competition was held today at the Foundry in Sheffield. Pitting the Army, Royal Air Force, and The Royal Navy / Royal Marines climbing clubs against each other. The overall winner for the men was last year´s victor, Martin Hallet, of the RNRM club who came within one hold from the top of the final route. The Army took 2nd, 3rd and 4th places, with veteran Steve Blake putting in an excellent performance for 2nd place, and Graham Carter and Mike Smith battling it in a play-off for 3rd place, and then being spearated only be half a point. Both men and women climbed on the same routes, the highest placed woman, Leanne Callaghan, a former Sheffield University graduate took victory for the Army. The RAF was noticeably low on entrant numbers due to the events of yesterday in the USA, which for a while cast a shadow over the event. 1. Martin Hallett (RNRM) 2. Steve Blake (Army) 3. Graham Carter (Army) 4. Mike Smith (Army) 5. Nick Sharpe (RAF) 6. Loz Owen (Army) 7. Mark Stevenson (Army) 8. Jon Walley (RAF) 9. Pete Harrison (Army) 10. Dave Ash (Army) 10. Chris Parker (RNRM) 12. Chris Mitchell (Army) 13. John Snowdon (RNRM) 14. Leanne Callaghan (Army) 15. Matt Hill (Army) 16. Rhys Gudgin (Army) Under 25´s 1. Graham Clark (Army) 2. Tom Odling (Army) 3. Daniel Shephers (Army) 4. James Moore (Army) 5. Martin Kavanagh (RNRM) 6. Pete Kayall (RNRM) 7. Matt Evans (RNRM) 8 Allan Peacock (RNRM)