CC Gogarth Guide – Where is it?

by Mick Ryan Gogarth Guide 1990 On the 7th August 2006, Martin Koscis asked on the Climbers´ Club forum where was the new Gogarth guidebook? “Searching various forums (fora?) I seem unable to locate any info about the next guide. What can anyone tell me?” No one answered. This seems a common refrain wherever climbers gather. I even heard moans at Malham this summer about the dragging of feet over its publication(yes some climbers do sport climb and trad climb) . Word directed at this author, on a street in North Wales last Friday, was that even the BMC had offered to second their guidebook supremo Niall Grimes (website) to lend a hand and get things moving. The last Climbers´ Club (CC) Gogarth Guide(website) was published in 1990 and reprinted in 2003. A lot has happened at Gogarth since 1990 and guidebook technology has moved on. So what´s happening?Apparantly Andy Newton who is compiling the next edition has been seen wandering the streets of Llanberis waiving a manuscript. I have it on good authority that moves are afoot within the Climbers Club to push publication forward to summer 2007.Early 2007 will also see unveiling of the anticipated Ground Up(website), North Wales Rock, the successor to the much loved Paul William´s select volume, which contains a fairly hefty ´best of´ Gogarth chapter. Ground Up have a Slate guide in preparation and possibly a North Wales Limestone. Will they possibly turn their gaze to Anglesey?