Chalk on Czech Sandstone? No Sweat

The Czech Mountaineering Union has passed a bill, still to be accepted by the Ministry of Environment, approving the use of chalk on Czech sandstone.In a historic ruling the Czech Mountaineering Union recently passed a bill approving the use of chalk on Czech sandstone. Ratified by an impressive majority (2034 votes for, 586 against, 169 neutral), the national measure has still to be applied by the local mountaineering commissions and the Ministry of Environment, but if accepted would mark an important change in an area renowned for its long tradition and rigorous ethics.In truth, chalk has already being used on the sandstone cliff Labak which offers some of the best sport climbing on sandstone in the country, but by lifting the ban all climbers, not only foreigners visiting the area, should no longer find themselves in contrast with complicated local laws.Full report on Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen