Climb Vicariously This Weekend

by Mick Ryan Andy Cave If the weather does let us down this weekend, no worries, you can vegetate on the couch and watch a whole smorgasboard of climbing delights on your flat screen. So buy in the Natchos and crack a cold one. Tonight at 9.00pm, the Ultimate Rock Climb on BBC1. Hyper child Tim Emmett leads Watchdog presenter and novice climber Julia Bradbury up Bosigran?s Commando Ridge, Crackstone Rib in Llanberis Pass finishing with The Old Man of Stoer off the northwest coast of Scotland. Interesting how they define Ultimate. The well publicised The Great Climb starts at 1.00pm on Saturday on BBC Scotland,at 5.25pm on BBC2 and also streamed live at BBCi. Read the latest about the Great Climb here at Sunday at 9.00pm on BBC1 sees Griff Rhys Jones in Mountain, this week it features alpinist and author Andy Cave taking three boys and three girls from City School in Sheffield out climbing to Stanage, part of Andy´s continuing work on motivating kids to get out in the great outdoors with a special emphasis on the Pennines and how this landscape has been a resource for the working class to enjoy themselves. There are multiple threads about all these programs on the forums. If the weather is good I´m sure we will all enjoy are own, Ultimate, Great and Super climbs!