Climber dies in fall from The Cobbler

Mark Lewis, aged 28, has died after falling 150ft from the Cobbler, in Scotland. Keith Wall, who was with Mark when the accident happened, says: “Mark was a keen and competent rock climber and hill walker. He was terrific company and will be sadly missed by all who knew him.” He explains: “There were eight of us out on Saturday. Our intention had been to do some rock routes on the Cobbler´s north peak, but the frequent heavy showers forced us to change our plans. Mark fell from the NW corner of the Cobbler´s south peak. He was descending the steep exposed ´path´ which connects the summit of the south peak with the path which runs the length of the Cobbler´s ridge. It had just started to rain, and it seems Mark simply lost his footing.” He fell about 150 feet, hitting the rock face at least once on the way down. He never regained consciousness, and probably died in the fall. / Two of our party were with him within minutes, he was unconscious, without pulse and not breathing. Despite continual and immediate CPR he never regained consciousness. He was taken by mountain rescue helicopter to a hospital in Glasgow. We were latertold that it was most likely that he died during the fall.” More pictures of the peak are at ( Source: Ananova (climber) )