Climber rescued after serious fall on the Troll Wall, Norway

by Alan James A 24 year old British climber has been seriously injured on the Troll Wall. His identity hasn´t been revealed yet but it is believed that he is a UKC poster. Prospects for his recovery are not yet known. The climber had set off to possibly make a solo ascent of the Swedish Routeon the 1,200m Troll Wall, although his exact intentions are not clear at the moment. Early on during his ascent, on the area of slabs under the wall, he was observed by climbers in the valley lying motionless and upside down on a ledge. After an hour passed help was called. Then followed a dramatic rescue effort by the Norwegian airforce. They eventually reached him and found he was still alive and he was airlifted to safety. He is now in hospital in St. Olavs. The thread on the forums has a translation of a Norwegian newspaper article, plus an account from a local climber who works for the mountain rescue.