Climbers´ Club Range West Online Guide Available

by Mick Ryan Range West The Climbers´ Club Pembroke Range West Online Guide is now available from the CC´s website It has been compiled by Nigel Barry and based on previous editions by Dave Viggers (1996, 2002) and Dave Cook (unpublished). This FREE pdf guide consists of 76 double page spreads with over 800 routes described with full route descriptions. Full details on access arrangements are given. FROM THE GUIDE INTRODUCTION For so long the ?promised land? of future developments in Pembroke this is the continuation of varied, rugged coastline running westwards from the Stack Rocks car-park at OS Ref. 924 944 to the western limit of the ranges at OS Ref. 886 993 (adjacent to Freshwater West beach). Some of this is very impressive indeed with a similar length of climbable coastline to that in Range East, although generally not as high. It does however contain the majority of the best easy grade climbing in Pembroke, and much of it non-tidal, don´t all crowd Saddle Head, try Mount Sion East: 40-Foot Wall instead. Below half tide, the cliffs of Bulliber, Funlands and the northern end of Western Walls contain many excellent routes, including the UK classic Christmas Chasm, and many others I leave you to find. It is fervently hoped, by the current active climbers, that this section of coastline continues to be a bastion, perhaps the last, of adventure style climbing. It is therefore, proposed that no fixed gear (bolts, pegs or slings) is placed and that every effort is made to reduce the impact of climbers. In particular, a return to the traditional (i.e. old fashioned) notion of on sight, ground-up, ascents of new routes without pre-inspection is also advocated. Efforts such as these will greatly enhance our cause when dealing with the primary user of the land (the military). The Range opens for climbing on the last Saturday of May and closes on last Sunday of January.