Climbing magazine and Urban Climber Magazine Join Forces

by Mick Ryan In 2004 Mark Crowther, CEO of Skram Media launched Urban Climber Magazine (website). Early last year Crowther launched Urban Climber Mag TV (UCTV) It has now been announced that Skram Media has completed the purchase of Climbing Magazine and from PRIMEDIA, Inc. (see press realease here at Climbing magazine has been the leading climbing publication in the US since Harvey T. Carter founded it in 1970 and it continued, very successfully under the ownership of Michael Kennedy until purchased by Cowles Enthusiast Media which later was taken over by PRIMEDIA, Inc. Climbing magazine is to continue to be based in Carbondale, Colorado under the editorship of Jonathan Thesenga. asked Mark Crowther what direction he would be leading Climbing magazine and, “Very early still for to me put anything out publicly. I still need to spend some more time with the editorsout there, and canvas opinions. I definitely want to increase the pagecount of the magazine to give the great content that´s there now more room to breath.And I think is a fantastic site as it is.” Crowther holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School, and a Masters degree from the London School of Economics. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Access Fund.