Climbing Magazine Goes Green

US based Climbing Magazine has just announced that it is to be printed completely on recycled paper. Its first issue on the new medium will save an estimated 201 trees, 14,701 gallons / 55,643 litres of water and 61,385lb / 27,807Kg of greenhouse gases! The guys at Climbing Magazine reckon that the new paper, which is comprised of 85% post consumer waste (the highest grade of recycled paper) will actually be better quality than the old stuff! Most importantly to the readers the new-look magazine will be the same price. Whilst Climbing Magazine are claiming to be the first climbing mag to take this route we did a little digging and found the following: Alpinist are already printing on 50% recycled paper, with the rest coming from sustainable resources. The BMC, responsible for Summit Magazine are currently drafting a comprehensive document detailing their environmental stance. Summit is currently not printed on re-cycled paper, though this is something that is being discussed. However an envelope is included in with the magazine encouraging readers to send in their used printer cartridges which the BMC then recycle. The BMC also recycle all of their own print cartridges, paper, card, office furniture and computer equipment, and encourage car sharing and the use of bikes to get to work. Friction Magazine are investigating the possibility of printing on recycled paper, as are the new kids on the block Gravity Magazine. Climber Magazine have considered the idea, but are yet to take the plunge. Unfortunately there was nobody available to comment at Climb Magazine. planetFear is pretty much a paperless office, with all office stationary and printing on recycled paper and all waste paper and cardboard recycled. All the planetFear staff cycle to work! If you work for a business in the climbing industry and practice any sensible green actions please let us know by emailing More detail on Climbing Magazine: Climbing ———————————————————————– If you have any news worth reporting please contact Matt – / 0114 2969114 ———————————————————————–