Climbing Roundup

Another 9a tick in Spain 9a´s are getting climbed at an incredibly fast pace these last few weeks with the machine Patxi Usobiaga leading the way (with Dave MacLeod getting in on the act as well – A Muerte news here>>) Another strong Spainish climber, Daniel Fuertes, has just climbed his first 9a by making the 2nd ascent of Dani Andradas El templo del cafe, 9a, in the Cuevas sector of Alquezar. On the same day he also repeated El templo del tee, 8c+, which he found rather soft.Source: Font8b+ / V14 in Hueco Little known American Nick Duttle has made the first ascent of Sôl Adûnâmentum V14 in Hueco Tanks. Sôl Adûnâmentum is a a direct start to Fern Roof V10 then ventures out Wild Turkey V8. Nick has suggested ?hard? V14 and if the grade holds it will be one of the hardest problems in Hueco Tanks and the USA. Sôl Adûnâmentum is on North Mountain, which means anyone can go there on anyday with out a tour guide. Source: Alpinist Magazine Suffers Major Fire The best climbing magazine available, Alpinist, has suffered a major setback with their warehouse (which held all stock, merchadise and past issues) burning down last week in a huge fire. Over 5 years of records etc.. was lost and the company has been left reeling with the little that remains. If you are a reader, subscriber or just a committed climber, go check out the Alpinist website to see if you can help Landman Video of Midnight Express V14 You can now see the video of Tyler Landman completing his new boulder problem, Midnight Express, at