Climbing Works Special Events This Weekend

The Climbing Works will be hosting its first International Masters bouldering competition this Saturday 24th March. Details are available on our website – The Climbing Works is also hosting a number of other special events throughout the day, including: Free access to the Works for the spectators throughout the day. Scarpa Marquee with demonstrations of the latest rock shoes from Scarpa athletes, including John Dunne, Andy Earl, Sam Whittaker and Percy Bishton. A selection of the new shoes will be avaliable for the public to try out Bargain clothing offers from Five Finger Thing and Blurr Free advice and workshops on injury prevention, warming up, Reiki and massage from The Clinic Live DJ´s throughout the day Quality food provided by Bragazi´s of Sheffield Joint SHAFF and CWIM party after the competition finals at The Workstation in Sheffield city centre featuring DJ Eurosafe, Allied Manoveurs, Craig Smith and the legendary DJ Gallop FREE TICKETS FOR THE PARTY ARE ONLY AVALIABLE FROM THE CLIMBING WORKS ON THE DAY OR FROM MATT HEASON at ShAFF ON THE DAY.