has just received word that it has been awarded the rather dubious accolade of being blacklisted by the ironically named SmartFilter software. It has joined the ranks of child pornography sites, neo nazi bomb making home pages, and other such resources that make up the SmartFilter Black list. On his own site, anti-censorship activist and programmer Seth Finkelstein has published an investigation of the dubious qualities of this software and comments "I couldn´t see a good reason for why SmartFilter blacklisted – “Words and Images of Climbing from around the world”. But the references to Extreme Rock [on the offwidth article at] seem as good an explanation as anything". Apart from being very funny, and satisfying a lifelong ambition of the editor to be in someway censored, being on the blacklist would mean that those accessing the web through networks with this software installed will be barred from the wonders to be found here, and our thoughts go out to them… Read the full article at