Complete Dyno Comp Results

Bendcrete have released the full results from the Guinness Dyno Comp held at the Edge in Sheffield over the weekend.

Women 1 Katherine Schirrmacher 1.900 m2 Lucy Hughes 1.875 m3 Lucy Atkinson 1.775 m4 Susan Hatchell 1.750 m5 Katherine Mills 1.700 m

Men 1 Matt Heason 2.600 m2 Chris Graham 2.550 m3 David Stoczylas (Polish) 2.525 m4 Josu Blanco (Spanish) 2.500 m5 Oscar Nieto (Spanish)2.450 m6 Matthew Thompson 2.425 m7 Pat Rainbird 2.400 m8 Phil Eccleston 2.375 m9 Hayden Rouse 2.375 m10 Andi Turner 2.350 m11 Juan Murray, Gareth Parry 2.300 m12 Simon Moore 2.300 m13 Joseba Saiz (Spanish) 2.300 m14 Adam Long, Andrew Price, Pat McCann 2.250 m15 Jason Whaler, Adam Lincoln 2.250 m16 Andy Paton, Stuart McNeil 2.200 m17 Marcus Creed, Andrew Asquith, David Mason (Spider Man) 2.200 m18 Andrew Healey, Neil Kershaw, Diego Rodriguez (Venezuelan) 2.100 m19 Oliver MacCarthy, Nicholas Baxter 2.100 m20 Phillip Davies (The Yeti), Enrique Piferrer (Spanish) 2.000 m21 Matt Heys 1.900 m

Fancy Dress winners: Miles Gibson- (Miss Marigold) Philip Davies- (The Yeti) ** **Awarded after the event because he was robbed by the partisan crowd. Note: For competitors with the same distance, countback has been used to determine placings.