Crags not so open after all

Although many people had fun in the Peak over Easter, further afield it wasn´t so great. Dartmoor apparently remains closed and we got this message from James Fiske: “Despite what the government is saying, very fewcrags are opening up. Local councils are being led by the local farmers who are generally oposed to the opening up of access. I was told by Cornwall touristboard that Bosigran was definitely open; when I got there with a group of 15climbers the place was shut…as were many other places. We ended up crammed into Sennen along with the rest of the UK´s climbing fraternity. “That would have been bad enough but… “someone had had a shit on the access scramble down to the area!!” His final thought: “Don´t believe every thing the government tells you – it is still hit and miss.” We´d be interested to hear of any more crags declared open “officially” but in fact still closed.