CWIF Photos and Peak Invaded By Top Climbers in July

A great day was had by all at The Climbing Works International Festival 2010. Nearly 200 climbers competed throughout the day with the winners being Chloe Graftiaux of Belgium and Gerome Pouvreau of France. There's more big bouldering competitions to look forward to this summer in Sheffield and in July the Peak District will be mobbed with some of the Word's finest climbers.

Women's first place: Chloe Graftiaux from Belgium at the top of the last problemUKC Articles, Mar 2010© Norman Gilman

Thank you to Norman Gilman and Dominic Worrall for the images You The Climbing WorksFirst off a huge thanks to the Climbing Works' owners Graeme Alderson, Percy Bishton, Sam Whittaker, the General manager Brian McAlinden and everyone at the Works for putting their hands in their pockets to fund this competition, we are taking hard cash here in excess of the £4,300 of prize money they handed out, and all the hard work and time in organising CWIF. Everyone agreed it was a tremendous bouldering event; great problems, great climbing talent there, great burgers and great beverages.Beth Monk FundraiserOver £1,200 was raised at CWIF for Beth Monk, the former Great Britain climbing team member who suffered from a spinal cord injury in a car accident back in May 2009. Over £8,000 has been raised to buy Beth an all terrain wheelchair. You can donate at Just Giving WebsitePLUS CWIF was broadcast live for all to watch at This is what Ackbar said at the UKC forums, 'I was never interested in competitions before and even thought of them as contrary to the philosophy of climbing, however, on reading Jerry Moffatt's book I got a better understanding and appreciation. Watching this competition live on the net was really enjoyable.Highlights were the really fustrating first woman's problem, the handstand problem, and Chloe snatching victory on the very last rock over move.Hope they do more live streaming in the future.'

Men's first place: Gerome Pouvreau flashing problem 3 and securing the winUKC Articles, Mar 2010© Dominic Worrall

Quality Problems SetJoe Alexander complimented the quality of the problems that were set by Font bouldering legend Jacky Godoffe who is the IFSC's chief chief route setter, Jamie Cassiday (IFSC chief route setter), Andy Long, Ian Vickers (IFSC chief route setter) and Jason Pickles. Joe said at the UKC forums: 'I think the way the problems were set made it exciting with long moves as the final moves of many of the problems. I also enjoyed problems which were difficult to read as it made the comp a better test of the full range of skills in bouldering.'THE WINNERSCWIF attracted some of Europe's best climbing talent with teams and climbers from Italy, France, Austria, Belgium, Ireland and Holland.Men's Final: Results

2nd: Gabri Moroni ITA; 1st Gerome Pouvreau FRA ; 3rd Thomas Caleyron FRA© UKC Articles, Mar 2010

1. Gerome Pouvreau FRA2. Gabri Moroni ITA3. Thomas Caleyron FRA4. Stew Watson GBR5. Gaz Parry GBRWomen's Final: Results

2nd: Johanna Ernst AUT; 1st Chloe Graftiaux BEL; 3rd Melanie Sandoz FRAUKC Articles, Mar 2010© Dominic Worrall

1. Chloe Graftiaux BEL2. Johanna Ernst AUT3. Melanie Sandoz FRA4. Katarina Saurwein AUT5. Sabine Bacher AUT5 = Alizee Dufraisse FRA (qualified for Final but did not take part due to injury)CWIF was supported by: Metolious, Evolv, Holdz, The Clinic,, and Five Finger Thing.Full results at and lots more great photos at The Climbing Works Picasa GalleryNext Up: In Sheffield the BMC British Bouldering Championships and the Cliffhanger IFSC Bouldering World Cup

The BMC's British Bouldering Championship 2009 at CliffhangerUKC News, Mar 2010© Mick Ryan –

Peak Invaded By Top Climbers in JulySheffield City Council's Cliffhanger event at Millhouses Park on 3-4 July is hosting an IFSC Bouldering World Cup, one of 8 events worldwide, the other rounds being in China, America, The Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Russia and Switzerland.The IFSC Bouldering World Cup at Cliffhanger will see around 120 of the world's top boulderers battle it out for the £13,000 prize fund in the first Bouldering World Cup held in the UK since 2006.The competition is spread over 2 days, 3rd and 4th July, with the qualification rounds taking part on the Saturday and the semi finals and finals on the Sunday.The BMC's British Bouldering Championship The week before, on 26th/27th June on the same wall and in the same marquee as the IFSC competition is the Senior and Junior BMC British Bouldering Championship. It will be free to watch and there is no qualification process to gain entry into the British Bouldering Championships, and the competition is open to anyone. The reigning national champions are:Senior Male: Ned FeehallySenior Female: Leah CraneJunior Male: Jonathan StockingJunior Female: Shauna CoxseyFind out more about the BMC British Bouldering Championships at the BMC website Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen