Damage at Font

The folk over at the Direttissima website have been to look at the damage to boulders in Fontainebleau: someone “went loco” and started chopping off holds, said the rumours. The report: “Most harm was done to Fatman and Gourmandise (about six holds gone). He didn´t touch the big four on Rempart. All other damaged problems in the other areas are still possible, some a bit harder though. For Carnage not only the lefthand starting hold is gone, but also the left foot. Hypothese and Antithese starting crimp is smaller. In la Medaille en Chocolat all footholds on the slab were touched, except the last two crimps. Please don´t make the holds bigger, bleausards will decide in a meeting later this week what to do with those boulders.” The culprit is apparently called Luke and classed as “dangerous”. Take care. ( Source: Direttissima )