Dave´s 2nd Bleau-trip

Dave Graham has been to Bleau again, and once again he stunned the locals. Here are the highlights: Sideways daze 8b?- new problem i opened at the Cuvier-Rempart, longstanding project, reallycool looking. super crimpy. Mad Maxx 8b and Surplomb de la Mee 8a+? the same day- last day in font. Partage 8a+ over 3 rainy days, really hard with bad conditions. Duel 8a, Hibernatus 8a, Neverland 8a, Controle technique 7c+, La Chose 7c+, De la terre a la Lune 7c+, Raideur Digest 7c+, Innacesable Absolu 7c highball. Maudit Menage 7c highball. Megawatt 7c. Pancreas 7c. Les Beaux Quartiers 7c+. The bloc 8a. Megalithe @rocher greau 7c. L´arete 7c+ and Evidence 7c+ @boissy aux cailles. I also flashed the 8a below Karma, Miserycorde and a 7c+ to the right Petite Folie. however, i think Miserycorde may be 7c+ too. Dave has got some thoughts on grades as well and says: If Fatman and Gourmandise are 8a+, Mad Maxx is 8b, Sideways Daze is harder 8b, and Spectre (Bishop) is 8b+, Nothing but sunshine (RMNP) and the fly(as a boulder problem) are hard for 8b+ and Centaur and Automater (both RMNP) are closer to 8b(way closer than fatman and gourmandise) Black Lung (Joe´s valley) and Buttermilker (Bishop) could both be 8b as well considering they are way harder then the 8a+ problems in font; ie fatman and gourmandise, partinaire, and partage-hard then the other three. Well that´s all folks! Dave´s now off to Cresciano, Switzerland.