Die Nominierten der “Arco Rock Legends” stehen fest

Im Vorfeld der Rock Master in Arco findet alljährlich die Wahl der "Arco Rock Legends" statt. Nun wurden die Nominierten für den "Rock" und den "Competition Award" bekannt gegeben.

(in alphabetical order)
To the climber who distinguished him/herself most on bolted sports routes and/or bouldering. Both the performance and how he/she managed to influence the style and ethics of sports climbing will be taken into account.

Period: from June 2007 to June 2008 Dave Graham (1981, USA)
For his pionnering, cutting-edge climbing, with bouldering highlights such as the first ascent of The Island fb8c at Fontainebleau and the repeat of high-end routes such as Realization 9a+ at Ceuse in France.

Adam Ondra (1993, Czech Republic)
For his exceptional capacity to test himself on the hardest routes and boulder problems throughout Europe, with fast repeats of, amongst others, Action Directe 9a Frankenjura, La Rambla 9a+ Siurana and Dreamtime Fb8b+ at Cresciano, and the on-sight of Digital System 8c at Santa Linya.

Chris Sharma (1981, USA)
For his tireless and inspirational “on-the-road” verve which enables him to explore new routes worldwide, with first ascents such as Victima perfecta 9a at Margalef and Papichulo 9a+ at Oliana, Spain.

Patxi Usobiaga (1980, Spain)
For his unprecedented rock tour which resulted in, amongst others, fast repeaets of La Rambla 9a+ at Siurana and La Novena Enmienda 9a+ at Santa Linya and the first ascent and world's first 8c+ on-sight of Bizi euskaraz at Etxauri, Spain.

Barbara Zangerl (1988, Austria)
For her exploration of the forefront of female bouldering, with ascents such as Pura Vida Fb8a+/8b at Magic Wood and Teamwork Fb8a at Chironico, Switzerland.

(in alphabetical order)

To the climber who distinguished him/herself in competition climbing (Lead, Boulder or Speed) during the season prior to the Award.

Period: competition season 2006/2007

  • Kilian Fischhuber (1983, Austria) Winner Bouldering World Cup 2007
  • Patxi Usobiaga (1980, Spain) Winner Lead World Cup 2007, 2nd Lead World Championships 2007
  • Maja Vidmar (1985, Slovenia) Winner Lead World Cup 2007, 3rd Lead World Championships 2007
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