Dreamtime for Robinson

Paul Robinson has made the 3rd post break ascent (Ondra, Muraoka) of Fred Nicole's über classic Dreamtime at Cresciano. Originally given 8C, the problem was eventually downgraded to 8B+ in it's “original” state. Some argue only Fred and Bernd Zangerl climbed it in it's original state, and that it was the chipped before Dave Graham's 3rd ascent. Be it how it may.After the break in December 2009, it's definitely harder. Adam and now Paul, say “hard 8B+”, “The line feels hard but not 8C. I can imagine that it is quite harder than before when the hold was still there but in all, I think that hard 8B+ seems to be an appropriate grade for this one.” was Paul's exact words, whereas Tatsuki feels it's no doubt 8C.Paul says he's psyched now and that he now wants to do Nalle's Ninja skills, 8B+, and then The story of 2 worlds, 8C/+, which would complete his tour-de-Dreamtime-boulder.Source: 27 crags

Paul Robinson on DreamtimeBjörn Pohl – UKC, 25 Nov 2010© Carlo Traversi

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