Dyno Record Controversy

Last week we reported that German climber Peter Wurth had shattered the recently broken Dyno World Record at the Outdoor Trade Show in Friedrichshaven. Peter had jumped an amazing 2.725m, breaking Skyler Week?s one week old record of 2.625m set at Cliffhanger in Sheffield. Since the report was written a video has surfaced online showing Peter using the starting hand hold with his feet mid-dyno. Whilst this obviously demonstrates great skill as a climber it is expressly stated in the rules that this is not allowed: 1) Both starting handholds must be used with the left hand on the left handhold and the right hand on the right handhold.  No crossed hands will be allowed. 2) Any configuration of footholds can be used but feet must not touch the starting handholds. 3) An attempt is successful when the competitor hangs the target hold in control with both hands. Unfortunately for Peter it looks like the record, whilst extremely impressive, won?t count as official. There?s a debate on 8a.nu about whether the rules should be changed to allow the use of the starting hand hold. Personally speaking, as a previous record holder, I don?t think that the rules should be changed. For one thing I think that changing them would demean all previous competitions and records, and secondly I think that it would run the risk of distracting rather than attracting people to what is already a pretty minority sub-discipline of climbing because of the additional skills required to compete. I say this because I just organised a public climbing event called Cliffhanger in Sheffield. We ran an open dyno competition at the event which attracted not only large crowds, but plenty of non or novice climbers to have a go. I think that making it more complicated would dampen this participation, which was one of the primary aims of the event… Still, respect to Peter for jumping a very long way!