E8 in the Lakes in February?

Feb 14: E8 in the Lakes in February? by Mick Ryan George Ullrich George Ullrich, age 19, of Kendal took advantage of the recent good weather and a dry Langdale by making an ascent of Dave Birkett´s Dawes Rides a Shovel Head E8 6c today. George who works at The Lakeland Climbing Centre (aka. Kendal Wall – www.kendalwall.co.uk), has made some fine ascents the past year including,Torture Board E7 at Reecastle, and Masters Edge E7 at Millstone. He also narrowly missed out on an ascent of Lord of the Flies E6 on Dinas Cromlech, managing to touch the last hold before fatigue struck. This weekend he plans to go and take a look at another Dave Birkett route, Impact Day E9 7a on Pavey Ark. George worked Dawes Rides a Shovel Head at Raven Crag, on a shunt for a day, then top roped the route twice before making his successful Valentine´s day headpoint. George, like many, thought the route was great; well protected and sustained. George´s friend, filmmaker Dave Gill took video of George´s ascent and we have video stills HERE Dave Gill is also making a climbing film, due out in November, but you can watch two shorts from it of George Ullrich climbing ´Master´s Edge´ and ´Torture Board´ at the forthcoming Llanberis Mountain Film Festival George finished at Kendal´s Queen Katherine´s School last year and goes to Bangor University in September to study product design. George, like many climbers these days, is wall bred. He was introduced to climbing indoors at Kendal Wall then graduated to outdoor trad´ climbing on a FRCC/BMC outdoor climbing course.