European Champions: Ramonet and Eiter

No great surprises but a nice show. That's the short, short version of the European Championship's lead competition.Ramon Julian Puigblanque was a whisker from topping out the men's route, falling as he went for the final hold, thereby beating Adam Ondra in to 2nd by a margin of a couple of holds. Jacob Schubert was a close 3rd in front of his home crowd, with the rest of the pack beaten by some distance.Among the women, Angela Eiter's semi final performace gave a foretaste of what was to come, when she climbed quite a bit further than anyone else. A pattern that would repeat itself in the final, where she beat a semi come-backing Johanna Ernst by 8 holds, falling, like Ramon, going for the last hold, making it an Austrian double.Alizee Dufraisse got the Bronze.Today the action continues with the bouldering semis and finals. For some of the competitors, this means their 4th days on.

Angela Eiter and Ramon Julian Puigblanque, Rockmasters 2007Björn Pohl – UKC, Sep 2010© Marco Togni

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