Everest News

Erik Weihenmayer, a 32 year old mountaineer and climber from Colorado, has become the first blind man to climb Everest. Nine other American members and eight sherpas of the expedition summited on the same day, making the of 28th of May a record day summit day. Of note, he has also climbed Denali and El Capitan.As well as the 18 summiteers above, more than 32 others made it to the top between the 19th and 25th of May. Included amongst them was the oldest person to reach the summit so far, 64 year old American, Sherman Bull, and the youngest,15 year old Sherpa Tempa Tsheri.Mark McDermott has joined Stephen Venables and Alison Hargreaves as the only British climbers to reach the Summit without the use of supplementary oxygen (to get credit for a Summit of Everest without artificial oxygen, one must not use supplementary oxygen at all during the climb).Marco Siffredi of France, has become the first person to snowboard down Everest. It took him two and a half hours to descend from the summit to Advanced Base Camp.And lastly, Piotr Pustelnik from Poland, has climbed Kanchenjunga to join the elite group of high altitude mountaineers who have climbed all 14 8000 metre peaks.Thanks to Everestnews.com and Climbing.com